Cool, Crap And Counter-strike

Cool, Crap and Counter-Strike | Comments (4)
Tuesday, July 24, 2001, 22:33

Ok I guess it’s been far too long since I last did an update so time to shift this brain outta neutral, although the way I’m feeling at the moment reverse would probably suit me.

Finally getting some seriously nice weather in this rotten little country.
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Watching morons/cunts/prats/retards get immunity. Deals like this benefit nobody.
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Hmm how to put this….. arrrrrraaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhh. This game is becoming more frustrating by the day. Firstly this new Half-Life “Patch” ( comes along. Well sorry to say this but Sierra must be taking the piss now. Ohh look it has a new Auto-Updater….. oh wait Half-Life already had one of those, so onto Death Match Classic….. oh wait already downloaded that, so what about….. erm wait a minute, what the fuck is actually in this patch????? Answer – Sweet Fuck All

Now I know that patch is supposedly just around the corner and that should be a good thing but its already bloody overdue….. ah fuck it I’m bored with trying to put this into a concise, clear, well thought out argument so here is my summary for Sierra
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I’m fed up of all the crap that gets spouted every time this subject gets brought up, if all you do is watch it then you know fuck all so keep it buttoned.
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