Baldies, Boxes, Cables, Ircops & Morons(me)

Baldies, Boxes, Cables, IRCops & Morons(Me) | Comments (3)
Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 01:54

I know I aint updated in a long while and believe me @ 1:40am I`m not going to be making a long drawn out column with which to bore you all to tears with, only because I`m too tired of course 😉

Today BW moved its boxes from L3 to Harbour Exchange in Docklands, I had a half day so went along to help out and must admit it was good to meet a few of the peeps from IRC in the “Real World” or whatever its called these days.

Things I learnt…..
Deathace – is really bald 😉
TedTheDog – bleeds easily 😉
Natrat – loves freebies 😉
}data{ – definatly earned the term }data{ b0rk3d it 😉
MYstIC G – knows sweet FA about proper servers 🙁

That reminds me I just wanted to let everybody know that lugging things around is all well and good, knowing that some of them are Quake 3 servers is really bad 😉

with that I`m going to bed, l8rs

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