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Saturday, December 7, 2002, 01:57

Well with the amount of Red Bull that overflowed my glass this evening, I`m going to be up for a good while yet. So I thought to myself what better way to put myself to sleep than to proofread my own ranting about this evening’s merriment.

Where the heck was it?
The Devereux
20, Devereux Ct

Who turned up?
(from memory so sorry for any glaring omissions, please feel free to kill me, steal my identity & put yourself in here if I miss you out 🙂 )
TedTheDog (\o/), Luap (\o/), Steiny, Athan, TdC, Summo, WPKenny, Damini, Will, Ch3tan (\o/), gremlin (\o/), Scooba Da Bass….. stupid bloody word, stop underlining these in red….. DJpringle, Excession, Horus (\o/), Lecter, MrBenn, pixie, pills, Zarjazz, SK, Whisk (\o/), uberfrag, Daishi….. erm struggling now….. CJRavey, Duke Mook, granny (\o/), whipped, camacotz (or xane *spit*), Zappeh….. *end of memory*….. and of course myself (\o/).

*(\o/) denotes secret #HAI undercover assassins.

What happened?
Its one of those things that’s entirely too hard to actually describe. Suffice to say there will no doubt be a vast array of pictures appearing about the place in the next few days/weeks that (if I can be bothered) I’ll link to from here. However the highlights included: Drinking, Smoking, passing on IRC hate messages from people to TedTheDog, the avalanche of a good couple of hundred BarrysWorld beer mats being chucked all over the bar, much more drinking, redecoration of the bar with the obligatory BarrysWorld logos, a promise from the honcho at GAME that acquired BarrysWorld that we could keep the green (VICTORY! \o/), flying peppered chicken, Prizes!!!, Lecter not being the worst dressed, reasonably attractive barmaids, finding out that TdC was “lubed and ready for action”, more smoking (thanks to the generosity of Summo, bloody cigarette machines)….. too many of these, nuts to using list tags to sort them out…..

You mentioned Prizes, who won?
Can’t remember, will ask about & add that in.

I’ll be mirroring as many of these as I can at as & when I get the chance. For now the only gems are from Lecter and can be found at – 10.jpg

Anything else?
No, not really. That’s a lie, I’m losing interest in typing what with it being around 2am.

Until next time, take care crossing the streets
Rob / MYstIC G

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