Time to learn how to drive

Sitting here having just visited my grandmother in hospital i’m starting to realise that it’s about time i learnt to drive. So far i’ve wasted 30 minutes i could have spent visiting my gran sitting at a bus stop waiting.

Of course it’s been so long now that visiting hours are over so i can’t even go back to see my gran just to pass some time. Even more fun is the pack of jokers who have now turned up and are bashing into the bus stop itself. It’s about time some form of compulsory sterilisation was put into place.

Finally a bus turns up. As usual these days it comes complete with a MOBO Dj in training, i.e. someone with a mobile who has no music taste and is too stupid to figure out how to use the free headphones that they got with it.

Why is it always a bad sean paul track or remix?
Is it possible to have bus rage?
Who knows. More later.

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