Where there's muck there's money!

This morning would have to qualify as “one of those days”.

Started off in Norwood to meet a chap from thames water. Whilst waiting for him i got to watch the drains slowly back up towards our office door (Note to self: Do not buy a basement flat!).

I have to confess that it’s days like today that make me understand how difficult life with these companies is going to be.

It’s all very well but it’s frankly a very solitary existence. I mean my dad might not realise it but at least with me in his corner there’s someone trying to back him up. Who’s gonna be there to get my back in the years to come?

It’s all a bit depressing really. It also makes me realise that i need to train up as something so that i have an income stream that is independent of the companies. Starting to think that i should probably explore bookkeeping as an option in a little more detail as it’s not overly taxing, i can learn it in tandem with work and i think it’s something i could handle. On the down side though i think i’d need to get my glasses back in order to qualify!

Hopefully you all are having better starts to your days!

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