Ninty's gonna Wii on the PS3

Quote from EuroGamer article:

“£425 is definitely not a mass market price, no,” Maguire admitted.

“But you think about the price, think about the price of just a Blu-Ray player. It will be cheaper than a Blu-Ray player just by itself. So fundamentally we’re going to be great value just from that point of view without even looking at the games side.”

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What in the blue (excuse the pun) hell are Sony thinking?

Four hundred and twenty five notes for a console that isn’t what they said it was going to be. This is very shady.

When they first announced the PS3 it was a different beast afaic. The beast that would have done everything. Now it’s a shell of what it was and it’s being sold on the basis that it’s got Blu-Ray.

Who gives a fuck? Who even wants Blu-Ray anyhow? Nobody I know that’s for sure.

Sony are heading for a slaughterfest.

2 thoughts on “Ninty's gonna Wii on the PS3

  1. Steve says:

    The demand for blu-ray is tremendous. It will mark the first time most people that own HDTVs will be able to see what their TVs are actually capable of doing. I would challenge anyone who has seen a demonstration of blu-ray in action to shrug it off as anything less than stellar. I think most serious blu-ray customers will go for the stand-alone players because a dedicated player always out-performs the hybrid game console/entertainment center (see PS2). However, the PS3 will expose the mass market to the technology and put it in closer reach than the stand-alone price of $1,000.

  2. To be honest, as much as your comments hold true in some respects, here in the uk HDTV isn’t rolled out properly, hell digital isn’t even rolled out properly, so £425 for a console is stupid because anyone that does have the HDTV here at the moment is a dedicated entertainment buff and won’t settle for a PS3. The culmination of all this being that it’s just upping the price of a console for (here anyway) no good reason.

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