The Longest Story In The Whole Of The World (T.L.S.I.T.W.O.T.W.)

It’s that time again, the time where that stupid little voice inside me says “You can come up with a really really good website.”

God only knows why it says it because it rarely ever [read: absolutely never] knows what it’s talking about.

Websites have been a passion of mind for quite some time. The way that they can unite people across the entire globe in a single place and connect them in some way, it’s inspiring. My ability to create these places however is not inspiring at all.

However i’m hopeful that will change because i’m changing my approach. This time the site that i’m working on will have a core, a function, a reason to exist, which brings us back to the title.

Check out the latest attempt to fly out of the realm of shit… here @

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