This week I have been mostly having problems with:

  • Women (don’t ask)
  • Getting a sensible mortgage application in place (due to being “partially” self-employed-ish… it just gets complicated)
  • Starting a mobile contract with T-Mobile (which is annoying because I’ve had an orange contract since I was 18 and now I want rid of it I fucking can’t escape!)
  • The hot spell (I’m not good in hot weather, I used to drink like a fish all day long and I still can but now it makes me feel like a bloated camel)
  • Convincing people that BotF is a fucking good game! (yes Chetan, this means you!)

More than anything else though I’ve been finding it really, no actually impossibly hard to do the following:

  • Get some time to myself!

I don’t know why the last one is becoming so bloody difficult. Actually to be fair I do. I need to tell people to fuck off and leave me alone more. I think that’ll be my ‘thing’ for the week to try and tell one person (who absolutely deserves it) to fuck off.

By the way, why is it that when somebody says “Excuse me, can I get past” (no please, obviously) and you reply with something like “Just a second, i’m just picking up my bag” that they take that as a signal that its ok to barge you out of their way. I’m starting to think that with the heat, this will be the week I snap on the way to work and deck the next person who does that to me.

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