I kinda think of this as an open letter to Vince McMahon.

Simple suggestions are as follows:

  1. ECW goes back to being hardcore, i.e. every match is extreme rules (this doesn’t mean every match needs a trashcan, it just means every match CAN have a trashcan, etc.)
  2. Stop eliminating the ECW originals. Sort out the fuckups and bring back RVD, Sabu, Sandman et al. Give Dreamer back his blog.
  3. Instantly terminate this pathetic “talent exchange” with Smackdown it’s so rubbish and transparent.
  4. Big Daddy V is an investment. You guys are good at building brutes. Shame that you only build them one at a time instead of at the same time so they can have matches amongst themselves instead of just always chasing title. Why is Snitsky suffering on RAW when he could be battling with Big Daddy V or Mark Henry???

More later.

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