Back from the dead… (again?)

Well, I’ve been getting rather bored recently of not doing anything with my websites again. So, having had enough of watching it sit there in ruins for far too long I’ve just switched Console Forums from phpBB3 to SMF.

As usual there isn’t a major reason for this. The decision has been made purely on the basis that phpBB3 seems to be shit at preventing annoying bots from registering (100+ a day for over a year despite the board requiring activation by hand). SMF on the other hand has been up for a couple of days with a nice little plugin that seems to have held all the spam registrations at bay 😀

The next one on the list is to try and get Akismet up and running on it. That would be a bit more difficult as I have found a nice little plugin but it’s a bit out of date and I’m no wizard when it comes to code!

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