The Idiot Box

The nights have drawn in and so, out of sheer laziness, my attention has been grabbed by the TV whilst I await the arrival of Left 4 Dead 2.

Unfortunately so far tonight I’ve suffered bad singing (Queen songs deserve better but then since Queen have released YET ANOTHER greatest hits CD, perhaps they’re getting what they deserve… and this is a life long fan writing here) preceded by an awful filler episode of Dr Who.

Making the Doctor go somewhat mad with power was not worth the wait and was a horrible follow up to the quite entertaining battle with the Daleks that ended the last full season. Oh look, we’ve filled a whole hour to have Ood Sigma re-appear! Here’s hoping the Christmas special is a drastic improvement.

Whilst the time slowly ticks by before the arrival of new (i.e. not on Dave) Top Gear. It’s worth saying that the new series of Dollhouse has been even worse than tonight’s episode of Dr Who. In fact it’s got about the same level of storyline as Who but stretched over several tedious hours. Good old Fox doing what they do best, canning the good (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) in favour of the bad. Hopefully T:SCC will get the Family Guy resurrection that it deserves!

Bring on the trumpets… motors!

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