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It’s been a few weeks now and I have to say that I’m really, really impressed with OVH. I now, appropriately, take a pause to thank my good friend Andy for being kind enough to answer my numerous stupid questions. This is an impressive feat given that I was conjuring up questions like a magician does doves before making the switch. So thanks mate!

Slowly, one by one, the sites have been restored. CS-B.net ended up being the guinea pig upon which the redesign of this site itself was based. Consoleforums.org is back on the mean streets of the web and now running on Simple Machines Forum software which brings it somewhat full circle (I’ve definitely had enough of switching forum software!).

The personal sites haven’t made their comebacks yet but this is mostly due to the fact that they really are only used for e-mail addresses and not much else. The work sites are however up and running again and I feel much more secure knowing that they have survived a hosting switch without incident (i.e. no e-mails were lost, so no disruption to the businesses).

Whilst all these site uploads and settings changes were being done, I managed to find time to get some software running on the hosting box. As stupid as it is in reality, I was quite pleased at being able to get an Eggdrop bot to run without any major issue. More pleasing was the fact that all the numerous stupid minor issues were only caused by my knocking out a few typos at my regular rate.

Things are therefore, looking good. Back to the uploads!

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