Leftovers from 2012

What better way to start posting updates for 2013 than by using leftovers from 2012 that are rattling around in my noggin.  Actually there are probably hundreds of better ways but to hell with that!

  • Google Zeitgeist for the United Kingdom for 2012 – Big Bang Theory in the Top 5 for TV Shows… BAZINGA!
  • Again on the Zeitgeist, Google insisting that Project Glass was a thing when it totally wasn’t.  It is and shall remain totally fucking retarded.
  • Who came up with the stupid plan that we should all buy High Definition Televisions so shortly afterwards all the programming broadcast could include as many of the god awful low resolution camara phone clips available on YouTube as possible?  Whoever it was is a complete bastard.
  • What happened to the Steam Holiday Sale it is so awful this year.

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