About MYstIC G

MYstIC G is an online gaming persona created by me in the late 1990’s when I started playing PC games online (Counter-Strike predominantly). I have to confess that I can’t actually remember what I used before that, but this was simply a combination of the word “mystic” with the G being the first letter of my surname. Admittedly it was a boringly simple combination, but with some random capitals thrown in, I thought it was appealing to the eye and it’s been used ever since.

First Draft

I’ve always thought it was a bit hard to try and write pages like this because they are for the most part pointless. I mean 99% of the people here will already have come here because they already know me in one way or another, so they don’t need any of this tot.

The other 1% will probably never read this page. So I guess it’s just here for Google to archive :).

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