Firefox Add-ons

Being the overly helpful chap that I am, it has come to my attention that you can now build useful collections of add-ons for Mozilla Firefox et al.

This is quite a good idea and I’ve used the opportunity to create MYstIC G’s Hand Picked Helpers which are a simple bundle of extensions that I use to make Firefox that bit easier. At the moment it contains:

  • DownThemAll!
  • BetterPrivacy
  • Add-on Collector
  • Adblock Plus
  • Leechblock
  • British English Dictionary
  • SkipScreen
  • Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO)
  • Greasemonkey
  • Xmarks
  • Sxipper

I’m sure that the list will change over time but the general focus of the add-ons that I use will still centre around getting any firefox on any box up and running with favourites and logins whilst removing the dross of the net that nobody really wants to deal with.

Let us know if any of you find it useful!


It’s funny, a few weeks ago I played Half-Life 2 through to the end for the first time, mostly because I was feeling unwell and had nothing better to do. More recently, I’ve found myself playing a lot of Left4Dead the newer Zombie flick styled release from the same company, Valve.

It’s made me realise that, quite scarily, I don’t think that I’m a massive PC gamer anymore. Now, for me this is freaky when I consider that I used to spend hour upon hour playing every day to the point that the wonderful people at AlienPants actually employed me to do things with gaming servers.

At first glance these look like conflicting statements, i.e. “a lot of Left4Dead” and “I don’t think that I’m a massive PC gamer anymore”, but hear me out. Left4Dead has pretty much become the only title that I play on the PC. There has been very little else on the PC lately that has enticed me into playing it for more than one or two goes. When I consider that back in the day I played more varied Half-Life mods than I did full blown console titles, that is quite sad and a little scary.

I think I’ve almost completely regressed to being a console junkie. Is that a good or a bad thing?!?

Come on…

Pump Crank it up, you’ve got to Pump Crank it up… Crank 2 is an absolutely awesome flick. The story picks up from the point at which the first movie ends and whilst it didn’t feel like it had the pace of the first film it was certainly just as humerous.

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish

Well, it seems that it’s the time of year for the businesses annual Quality Assurance external audit.

Past few years we’ve got through them with no problems. When it comes to this years inspection, I’m not so convinced all will be so smooth.

Think it’s something to do with things coming in 3’s, be they bad or good.

After some thinking, it’s my gut feeling that I’m due 1 more from the chain of 3 (first two being: 1] single & 2] insurance).

Something going abysmally wrong at work would pretty much do a tip top job of rounding off the trio.

Let’s hope I’m wrong!

Keep Rolling On

People are funny sometimes.

A few days ago I helped a mate of mine distribute a couple of thousand keys for the Warhammer Europe open beta.

The beta launch didn’t exactly go smoothly to say the least, but these things happen, after all that’s part of the process with betas.

Suffice to say, the response to the difficulties could be summarized generally as ‘outrageous’.

It’s a shame that so many people feel the need to pour scorn on things unnecessarily.