Counting down

August is gonna be a busy month, really busy. Plus there’s a number of things that I’ll be counting down to:

On or before the 15th the old boy’s moving pad. 21st is the old boy’s birthday and marks two years of me having a licence to drive a motor (no kills for 2 years, it’s almost a mirror of my counter-strike stats).

Then we get down to the fact that on the 30th it’ll be “I’m that little bit older” day.

Oh well, at least it’s payday on Friday!

Blog on

Well, it seems like this iPhone app might actually get me back in the habit of using this old blog rather than it just sitting here doing nothing.

I’ve decided that as soon as I get paid at the end of the month that I’m booking tickets for the Henry Rollins show (assuming that they’re still available). It’s been years since his stand up stuff was on Channel 4 (4later anyone?) but it was awesome then so it has to be even money that it’s just as good now?

Been slowly catching up on some of the old blogs I used to read (including Alphanor!). It’s made me appreciate how everyone had their own shit to deal with.

Anyway, onwards and upwards… must buy a fan!


WordPress + iPhone = impressive.

It makes quite a change to be able to simply type away (or should that be tap?) without the need for a PC.

In fact the 2.0 software for the iPhone is pretty good all round. The improvements in speed, data entry & of course the addition of applications really enhance what was already a pretty impressive user experience.

In summary… get an iPhone!

What a twat!

Nothing fancy here. Basically Rowan Williams (the current Archbishop of Canterbury) is a complete and utter twat.

You can read more about why here. The basic gist is that:

He says Muslims should not have to choose between “the stark alternatives of cultural loyalty or state loyalty”.

which is laughable. As things stand, everyone has to make those choices. That is the way things are, introducing a second set of legal methods is ridiculous.