Google Contacts meet Google Plus

Well, I don’t know who’s smoking crack at Google this week but the chocolate factory definitely needs to start taking some samples and testing for illegal substances.

Apparently in the latest bit of joined up thinking everything in your Google Plus circles is now included in your Google Contacts.

Now at first glance this might sound like a really good idea.  If you know “Jimmy” on Google Plus it makes sense that you can easily e-mail him from Google Mail using your Google Contacts, right?

Well, so far, so good.  That makes perfect sense… the bit that doesn’t however is it also adds pages that you follow to your Google Contacts.  That’s right, if you do the G+ equivalent of liking something on Facebook, it’ll add itself to your contacts.

To borrow an old line “whoever thought this up should now be dragged out into the street and shot… twice“.  There is no logic behind this.  Why the fuck would I want Coca-Cola, Nike, The Rolling Stones in my contacts? (PS: Not saying I like or dislike any of these, just examples people).

Thankfully I’m using Soocial which can manage contacts between multiple Google Mail accounts and has allowed me to restore my contacts to a useable state.