It’s funny, a few weeks ago I played Half-Life 2 through to the end for the first time, mostly because I was feeling unwell and had nothing better to do. More recently, I’ve found myself playing a lot of Left4Dead the newer Zombie flick styled release from the same company, Valve.

It’s made me realise that, quite scarily, I don’t think that I’m a massive PC gamer anymore. Now, for me this is freaky when I consider that I used to spend hour upon hour playing every day to the point that the wonderful people at AlienPants actually employed me to do things with gaming servers.

At first glance these look like conflicting statements, i.e. “a lot of Left4Dead” and “I don’t think that I’m a massive PC gamer anymore”, but hear me out. Left4Dead has pretty much become the only title that I play on the PC. There has been very little else on the PC lately that has enticed me into playing it for more than one or two goes. When I consider that back in the day I played more varied Half-Life mods than I did full blown console titles, that is quite sad and a little scary.

I think I’ve almost completely regressed to being a console junkie. Is that a good or a bad thing?!?