Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 has to take the cake as my game of 2012.  Whilst it’s not the best First Person Shooter ever made it comes pretty damn close, mostly because of its awesome sense of humour that permeates throughout the game.  Here’s an absolute mound of screenshots from my adventures on Pandora, enjoy!

Of Bajor

So, this weeks featured episode entitled “Of Bajor” hit Star Trek Online on Saturday and proved that Cryptic Studios hasn’t completely lost its touch.

There are some very smart visuals together with multiple courses of action which bind together to form a much more involving story than the previous featured episodes have done.

Shots below!

U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-F)… well, kinda!

So, Cryptic have started pumping things out again for Star Trek Online (now it is free to play and the 2 year anniversary anyway).

Top of the “what’s new” list is the brand new Odyssey class flagship for the Federation.  Credit where credit is due it is quite well modelled but it still isn’t a patch on the Galaxy class to me.  Anyway, here are some screenshots from in game.