Tweets do not site content make

It struck me today that “social networking” whilst a great way of keeping in touch with people was actually sucking all the content away from my websites, especially this blog.

I’ve had this site since 2002 in one version or another.  Ever since Twitter and Facebook showed up though it’s been even more seriously neglected.

Why?  Well because having thought about it a bit social networking sites are all basically big content whores and that actually that’s what this blog was created for, content.

So, with a renewed outlook, I’ve taken away all the rubbish mini updates (statuses / tweets) that I’ve passed off on here for ages and replaced them with… nothing.

Lets see if that gets me to update this thing more than once a year!

Twitter Tools & OAuth Problems

Well, I’ve finally gotten to the bottom of this bloody stupid problem.

If you have Twitter Tools installed and keep getting stupid error messages with no obvious issues in sight then check the date and time on your web server (I used this handy command line guide for my remotely hosted Linux web server).

This has solved all my issues with Twitter Tools in a stroke.  Hopefully this will help some of you out there!