WordPress + iPhone = impressive.

It makes quite a change to be able to simply type away (or should that be tap?) without the need for a PC.

In fact the 2.0 software for the iPhone is pretty good all round. The improvements in speed, data entry & of course the addition of applications really enhance what was already a pretty impressive user experience.

In summary… get an iPhone!

It's a brand new world…..

Actually, that’s a lie. It’s a new subdomain on my existing domain with the new version of my site on it. I haven’t posted in ages and I’m not sure that state of affairs will be changing any time soon.

In reality the only reason for the change is to basically remove the shitty dependency on InvisionBoard because it basically keeps fucking up on me cos its out of date. I can’t really complain, I could have paid for a full blown copy, but on the basis that I don’t update this site very often and also that InvisionBoard isn’t a fucking blog, it seemed a bit stupid.

I’ve been through and manually imported most of my old BarrysWorld columns into WordPress. If anyone has a way of automating the process (i.e. knows of a script) then I’d love to hear from them because I’m not looking forward to doing every single post by hand!

In other oh-so-boring news, I decided to register another domain name. This time called TheBoards.eu I didn’t really have much of a reason for doing this, I just figured it would be nice to try and start a Europe wide board where people can come and chat about anything and everything.

Might cya in 2007 if I can be bothered to post!