Freed from storage failure by FreeNAS

Today I’ve been freed from storage failure by FreeNAS.

From time to time technology is a real pain in the backside.  We’re all more reliant on it than we’ve ever been before and when it goes wrong these days, generally it means you’ll end up suffering.  Storage failure is always the worst kind of technology issue because it generally means losing something that’s important to you, e.g. family photographs.

Today though in a first for me, storage failure reared its ugly head but was slapped down by FreeNAS.  Keeping a long story short, one dying drive + one next day delivery replacement drive + one set of FreeNAS wiki instructions = No need to restore from backups and NO LOSS OF DATA!

Now whilst some people might attribute all this to the components that make up FreeNAS (e.g. FreeBSD, ZFS) without the work done by the FreeNAS team to wrap these all up in a friendly, usable package, surviving a storage failure like this would have remained a pipe dream for me.

Thank you FreeNAS team!