Spent yesterday playing Birth of the Federation.  Most nobody on the planet will probably remember what in the heck that is, but those who do… doesn’t it just look lush on a LCD screen? 🙂

E… C… W…

So they’re taking the gamble. Vince McMahon brough back the beast of ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling).


It’s been so long since Raw or Smackdown has carried a watchable match, I’m looking forward to watching the phoenix rise from the ashes.

Having watched One Night Stand though, it has to be said that Sandman’s entrance is gay without his proper music… gg wp Metallica?

Wake up in the morning wanting some breakfast

It’s a strange world sometimes. Got up really really early this morning to get in because my dad’s unwell and there were appointments to cancel for first thing. I’ve never seen things so quiet. It was like a dreamland, no pushing, no shoving, no adults with degrees being unable to realise that the train IS full.

Must get up earlier!

Why is it that…

Why is it that no matter how many times I tell myself to get a fan before it gets hot in the summer I NEVER bother 🙁

I’m SO hot right now!