Something is different about you…

MYstIC G / v2

Well, some things change but other things stay the same.

After a number of years I’ve moved a number of my sites away from Lypha and am now with OVH.  There’s no major reason for this save that with the work stuff we’re uploading bigger and bigger files and as the price is comparable it seemed a sensible move, especially considering that with the OVH option we’ve effectively got root access to a box so things are very much “can break / will break” as well as “are broke / can fix / no wait”.

As you can see I’ve totally changed the theme again.  I much prefer this as I think that people like to read things more when they’re broken up a bit and it doesn’t hurt that the theme isn’t horrifically ugly to boot.  So, much respect to the author who’s link can be found at the bottom of the site.

So what’s staying the same then?  Well, everything else I suppose, the same old rubbish shall be typed, the same 3 (if that many) people shall no doubt read ignore it and I’m sure at some point some stupid script kiddie will fill the uploads directory with shit… (no shocks there).

O2 Broadband

Well, that’s it.  Sky Broadband has now been de-activated as I’ve received my “you’re all sorted, enjoy” e-mail from O2 earlier today.  So far it all looks promising as nothing has gone wrong and everything has happened on schedule.

The fun shall begin once I make it home from work this evening and I shall let everyone know what the hell happens as I go along.  Should the worst come to the worst, at least I have a stonking new single player game that I can play while I tear my hair out!