Destination Star Trek London

So, I went to Destination Star Trek London then…

Weekend Pass
Cloaked Warbird

… and I didn’t think it was brilliant. I’m glad I got the low-end ticket, everything was a queue within a queue within a queue. I’m sure those on the higher cost tickets had a better time and now I’ll know what to expect in future, but it just wasn’t for me.

NB: It probably didn’t help that my goodie bag did not contain the code for Star Trek Online and my pre-signed autograph was Neelix.

Of Bajor

So, this weeks featured episode entitled “Of Bajor” hit Star Trek Online on Saturday and proved that Cryptic Studios hasn’t completely lost its touch.

There are some very smart visuals together with multiple courses of action which bind together to form a much more involving story than the previous featured episodes have done.

Shots below!