Really(?) RAW

Thoughts about WWE Monday Night RAW for 10 September 2012:

  • Bret Hart: Nice touch to see him continue to put those demons further in the rear view mirror.
  • Bret Hart & CM Punk: Best there is, best there was and best there ever will be still stands.  Nicely played by both.  WCW mention was a bit pointless however.
  • Kofi Kingston & R-Truth -v- The Miz & Antonio Cesaro: The no interest tag team champions sticking to what they do best, playing it safe.  Cesaro is still of absolutely no interest and the sooner the WWE stop forcing people down our throats the better.  Whilst Miz is fine as the Intercontinental Champion the strap was much better sitting with Cody Rhodes.
  • Sheamus & David Otunga: Brilliant.  The comedy segments in RAW are getting better every week.  A real jewel and a must watch.
  • Layla, Kaitlyn, & Eve -v- Beth Phoenix, Natalya & Alicia Fox: This match was pointless, Eve’s gimmick is pointless, nothing more to add.
  • CM Punk & AJ Lee: Boring, not working as general manager, hopefully this will build to a “YOU’RE FIRED!” sooner or later.
  • CM Punk -v- Randy Orton: Decidedly average, lets hope when Orton gets back into championship contention (it’s inevitable) that the man holding the strap is no longer CM Punk.  Not really sure why Orton did the cheap pop for Montreal?
  • CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler -v- Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler: It’s great that once a year The King gets himself involved in the action, I’ve always wondered if this was something he insisted upon in his contract.  Watching him drop kick Ziggler square on the jaw was a sight to behold.  Nice touch to see Paul Heyman involved again especially with Vickie Guerrero providing the backing track.  Better still to hear CM Punk say that he is “a Heyman guy”.
  • Kane & Daniel Bryan segment: Nice continuation of the previous weeks segments.
  • Heath Slater -v- Ryback: Good god, why, why, why, why, why, why, why does this man keep getting to use a microphone.  Normally that’s the worst thing about a Heath Slater match, this week however it’s the opponent.  The Ryback gimmick just doesn’t work, give it up already, bin it, pretend it never happened.
  • Kane & Daniel Bryan -v- The Prime Time Players: Tucking your t-shirts into your trunks is so not a thing, neither is the “millions of dollars” bromance hug.  Still love Bryan’s entrance, this guy needs to go down in history as having shown everyone that he damn well could be WWE champion.

Oh my god, I simply cannot believe what happened to Jerry the King Lawler!  Thank god for all the medical staff in the arena in Montreal who did what was necessary to save him.  I wish him a speedy recovery.  All things said about Michael Cole’s character before show just how different he is from that persona.  To carry on with someone having a heart attack right next to you must be one of the toughest things that man has ever had to do.

  • Alberto Del Rio -v- Tyson Kidd: I don’t envy these two having to go on after what just happened but a reasonably solid match.  It’s good that Kidd hasn’t yet ended up going through the revolving door.

Michael Cole shooting about what happened to Jerry Lawler:  Again, all respect to Cole.  Having to sit there and do that not knowing what is happening to your friend must have been absolutely horrible.

  • Sheamus -v- David Otunga:  No surprises here.  WWE playing to its strengths giving Sheamus another “cross” based finisher.  Nice to see Booker T on RAW, especially when his arrival pushed AJ Lee out of shot of the camera.
  • Kane & Daniel Bryan segment: Brilliant… Daniel Bryan & Kane or Kane & Daniel Bryan… Team Frendship… NO!

Michael Cole shooting again.  Absolutely gut wrenching.

  • Cody Rhodes -v- Rey Mysterio: Great encounter between the on point Mysterio and Rhodes.  Bit weird hearing Cody constantly grunt throughout the match though because of the silence.  Did anyone else think that Rey looked like an M&M? Good to see the interaction between Rhodes and Miz hinting that the title might go back to Cody.

Michael Cole shooting once more.  It is horrible to hear Cole describe Lawler describing that again.  Every time as well the poor fellow has absolutely no extra news to deliver of any comfort and seemingly manages to recall in more detail what just happened to his friend.

  • Bret Hart & John Cena: Montreal 1 – 0 Cena.  To be fair, he can wrestle, he just cannot wrestle well.  Shows just how well CM Punk does the heel that he can make the Montreal crowd start cheering for Cena when they start with him as the bad guy.  You also have to respect the show ending on the Hitman’s music 15 years after the screw job.  Who would have seen that one coming?

Michael Cole for the final time.  Thankfully with the good news that Jerry The King Lawler has stabilised.

NB: At the time of writing the latest news on Jerry Lawler from WWE after that edition of RAW can be found here.

Really(?) RAW

Thoughts about WWE Monday Night RAW for 03 September 2012:

  • Daniel Bryan & Kane in Therapy: Brilliant, the pyrotechnics in the bin moment was hilarious.
  • Miz replacing Jerry Lawler: If only Miz had been replacing Michael Cole, unfortunately we all know that Punk -v- Cole would never have been any good.
  • Ryback -v- Jinder Mahal: Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring, piss break.
  • Everyone leaves AJ Lee: Not interested at all.
  • Daniel Bryan & Kane in Ring Therapy: Even more brilliant, every time Bryan’s character loses his temper it just cements him with the audience.  Miz inventing the “rules” for hugging it out just added to the brilliance in spades, especially when Michael Cole stated it was beyond him, which says everything about his announcing ability.
  • Daniel Bryan -v- Kane: Really strong match, played to both wrestlers strengths really well.  Unusually fast paced match for Kane as well which was an added bonus.  Hopeful that this rivalry is built for the long-term if they can keep coming up with the material.
  • Santino Marella -v- Antonio Cesaro: Really love the continued comedy from Marella but this was a total lost cause simply because WWE are entering a new territory (Switzerland) and have put the United States Championship on an overnight character creation.  What really doesn’t add up here was that they could have used the Intercontinental Championship for this purpose as that is why it exists.
  • Zack Ryder -v- Heath Slater: I’ve no idea who behind the scenes jacks off to seeing Slater on TV but they must have enough footage by now that he can be taken away from RAW… please?  Also a shame to see Ryder, the self-made superstar, now having to what management tell him to.
  • Vickie Guerrero & AJ Lee: It always amazes me that frankly anyone with the surname Guerrero is an instant win, if Vickie stays on form much longer she will have just as big a place in the WWE Hall of Fame as Eddie Guerrero (who I sorely miss).  All that was missing from this was a spear or similar from Vickie, though her skipping away from the ring was genius.  Not sure what the chair did in a past life to deserve such a beat-down though.
  • Alberto Del Rio -v- John Cena: It’s always good to see John Cena bounce face first off of a shiny car.  It’s even better to see when the driver is Paul Heyman.  Paul E on WWE is always magic!

What's going on on RAW?

Ok, that’s it.  I can’t watch it any more… who in the living hell is Mike Adamle and what in the hell is he doing on RAW.  Somebody sort it out and fire this man!

E… C… W…

So they’re taking the gamble. Vince McMahon brough back the beast of ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling).


It’s been so long since Raw or Smackdown has carried a watchable match, I’m looking forward to watching the phoenix rise from the ashes.

Having watched One Night Stand though, it has to be said that Sandman’s entrance is gay without his proper music… gg wp Metallica?

The Powers That Be?

The Powers That Be? | Comments (2)
Tuesday, January 15, 2002, 02:55

Sorry, too tired & too hastled to even try for something that will push the limits of thinking about gaming (yeah right, like I do that anyway). So instead I thought (seeing as the opportunity arose) that I`d post something akin to QuakeNations IRC lamer of the day, except this time its the IRCops taking center stage.

QuakeNet: the british rail of IRC networks 😉
(Because on QuakeNet even the netsplits don`t happen on time 🙂

*** MYstIC_G sets mode: +ws
[00:53] !lou! yes
[00:53] !jewel! froo =(((((
[00:53] !splidge! aww 🙁
[00:53] !Softis! froo.. :/ w00t?
[00:53] !lou! froo … ieeks
[00:53] !lou! hairy old man
[00:54] !lou! gnihihihihi
[00:54] !jewel! bwhahaha.. and u are a virgin =/
[00:54] !lou! 😮
[00:54] !splidge! /me huggles jewel
[00:54] !lou! tell no one!
[00:54] !slug! abuse!
[00:54] !jewel! ehr… 50% of Qnet probly knows by now =)
[00:54] !splidge! must have more abuse!
[00:55] !froo! abuse me, Softis!
[00:55] !lou! ok 50% is ok
[00:55] !lou! but tell no one else
[00:55] !jewel! goodie =))) /me hugs lou
[00:55] !splidge! /me tells everyone
[00:55] !lou! 😮
[00:55] !slug! do i keep having to remind you to m00 m00re?
[00:55] !jewel! oi splidgey, lets do some broadcasts =))
[00:55] !splidge! m000000000000000000()()()()()o()()o()()o()()0000
[00:56] !slug! m 0 0 () o () oo ()oo()
[00:56] !splidge! /msg q broadcast set +w NOW
[00:56] !slug! laff
[00:56] !splidge! the fun is about to begin!
[00:56] !jewel! /msg q broadcast i have a secret about lou!
[00:56] !splidge! it`s data`s attempt on the world record for Number of Netsplits in a 5 Minute Period!
[00:56] !lou! ~ *_* ~
[00:56] !slug! \o/
[00:56] !Softis! /me abuses froo in all ways possible..
[00:56] !jewel! data is 1337
[00:56] !splidge! the record is currently (fumbles a bit)
[00:57] !froo! OMG! Ze Britz Are C0ming!
[00:57] !splidge! erm
[00:57] !lou! he is not
[00:57] !lou! != 1337
[00:57] !splidge! we don`t actually know!
[00:57] !jewel! he`s not? =(
[00:57] !splidge! but he`s going to try anyway!
[00:57] !lou! date != 1337 even
[00:57] !jewel! e+a
[00:57] !splidge! and if softis and froo would stop abusing each other there we might be able to watch!
[00:57] !lou! s+f
[00:58] !lou! foftis
[00:58] !lou! *gnihihihih*
[00:58] !splidge! only a few minutes to go now!
[00:58] !splidge! I hope you all have your popcorn ready!
[00:58] !slug! /me hands out coke
[00:58] !splidge! soft drinks, crisps and other light refreshments are available in the foyer!
[00:59] !Softis! switch($netsplit>reason) { case `splidge`: blame “splidge”; break; default: blame “lou”; break; }
[00:59] !splidge! i didn`t think anyone could be more annoying than lou but splidge is getting close 🙂
[00:59] !splidge! go me!
[00:59] !froo! makes a mental note about abusing
[00:59] !jewel! gg splidgey!
[01:00] !jewel! and philosophychica, lou is not annoying.. he is cute
[01:00] !splidge! jewel is biased!
[01:00] !froo! /me starts chanting: “lou, lou, lou, LOU!”
[01:00] !slug! while ($lou ne `sane`) wallops `cat /dev/urandom`;
[01:00] !splidge! I can optimise that slug
[01:01] !lou! heh!
[01:01] !lou! stop
[01:01] !jewel! splidgey, i am not
[01:01] !splidge! wallops pointless comparison!
[01:01] !lou! picking on mw
[01:01] !lou! sgkjdfskljsdf
[01:01] !lou! ME!
[01:01] !splidge! I`m so exited I`m double wallopsing!
[01:01] !slug! exited? lol
[01:01] !froo! i`m the cutest (next to lensiepoh)
[01:02] !splidge! and news just in from our observation team
[01:02] !splidge! we believe the man to make the attempt, Mr. ]data[ (applause please)
[01:02] !splidge! is lost on the DLR!
[01:02] !splidge! DLR, for those who don`t know, meaning Docklands Light Railway
[01:03] !slug! overview here: [URL=][/URL]
[01:04] !slug! splidge: where is he on the map?
[01:05] !splidge! No idea
[01:05] !splidge! /me looks at map
[01:05] !froo! /me points for splidge
[01:05] !HellMagic! /me looks at /map
[01:07] !lou! omg, attention pls
[01:07] !splidge! I hope he remembered to change trains!
[01:09] !slug! and hope he isn`t on the circle line =)
[01:10] !splidge! or even doing the circle line pub crawl!
[01:10] !splidge! not the ideal prelude to router reconfiguration
[01:11] !splidge! although thanks to the UK`s marvellous licensing laws I doubt the pubs are open!
[01:15] !splidge! * rolls drums more
[01:15] !HellMagic! 😀
[01:15] [S] Netsplit: Remote SQUIT by HellMagic
[01:15] [S] Netsplit: <> (rerouting to
[01:15] !! Remote CONNECT eXscape* 4400 from HellMagic
[01:16] [S] Netmerge: >< [01:16] !splidge! * crashes cymbals [01:16] [S] Netmerge: Net burst completed [01:16] !splidge! yes! [01:16] !HellMagic! 🙂 [01:16] !splidge! and now that the prelude is over [01:16] !splidge! it`s datataatatataatatata himself for the main event! [01:18] !splidge! someone has stolen data`s b0rking stick! [01:19] !Nomad! splidge...are you drunk ? [01:19] !splidge! somewhat worryingly.. no [01:20] !Nomad! splidge...forgot to take your medication ? [01:20] !splidge! ah, this might explain a few things [01:20] !Nomad! splidge...remember...3 m00`s a day [01:20] !splidge! oooh dear [01:21] !splidge! I think I`m up to about 10 [01:21] !splidge! this might explain things [01:21] [S] Netmerge: Net burst acknowledged [01:32] !splidge! he`s back! [01:32] !splidge! with a shiny new b0rking stick [01:33] !HellMagic! yay! [01:33] !splidge! TIME TO BREAK STUFF (tm) [01:34] !HellMagic! â„¢ Much Later (Warning: Boring bit alert) [02:28] [S] Netsplit: <> (Ping timeout)
[02:30] [S] Netmerge: >< [02:31] [S] Netmerge: - Net burst completed [02:31] [S] Netmerge: - Net burst acknowledged [02:31] [S] Netmerge: - Net burst acknowledged [02:31] [S] Netmerge: - Net burst acknowledged [02:31] !! Remote CONNECT* 4400 from pils [02:31] [S] Netmerge: >< [02:31] [S] Netmerge: - Net burst completed [02:32] [S] Netmerge: - Net burst acknowledged [02:33] [S] Netmerge: >< [02:34] [S] Netmerge: - Net burst completed [02:35] [S] Netmerge: - Net burst acknowledged Much Much Later 02:50] * +meg¦afk slaps data[teleh0se] around a bit with a large haddock [02:51] <+data[teleh0se]> nothing has gone wrong
[02:51] < +data[teleh0se]> 😛
[02:51] < +Acronym> ….. YET

Baldies, Boxes, Cables, Ircops & Morons(me)

Baldies, Boxes, Cables, IRCops & Morons(Me) | Comments (3)
Tuesday, October 2, 2001, 01:54

I know I aint updated in a long while and believe me @ 1:40am I`m not going to be making a long drawn out column with which to bore you all to tears with, only because I`m too tired of course 😉

Today BW moved its boxes from L3 to Harbour Exchange in Docklands, I had a half day so went along to help out and must admit it was good to meet a few of the peeps from IRC in the “Real World” or whatever its called these days.

Things I learnt…..
Deathace – is really bald 😉
TedTheDog – bleeds easily 😉
Natrat – loves freebies 😉
}data{ – definatly earned the term }data{ b0rk3d it 😉
MYstIC G – knows sweet FA about proper servers 🙁

That reminds me I just wanted to let everybody know that lugging things around is all well and good, knowing that some of them are Quake 3 servers is really bad 😉

with that I`m going to bed, l8rs

Long Commentary

Long Commentary | Comments (1)
Sunday, August 12, 2001, 23:01

Having just read Leviathon`s column over on QuakeNation I’ve got to admit that it got me thinking a bit more about admining in general and cheating on the whole. Now I am fully aware that cheating has been covered before and that nowadays, in terms of subject matter, it seems older and dryer than the Sahara Desert.

I`m also fully aware that everybody out there has an opinion on cheating and what does/doesn`t fit into that category so I`m not setting out to take chunks out of Leviathon or his perspective on cheating (so please don`t take this as such m8). Basically what I`m doing is making a comment that I thought was far too long to tack onto the bottom of his column, this way I can just leave a URL 😀

Here goes nothing…..

Everyone who plays a game adheres to the rules, and these rules are either part of the restrictions in the medium the game is set, or are enforced by knowledgeable officials. In CS the medium is the CS client, server and the bits that cause lag, with the officials being public or league admins. Anything that forcibly changes the game medium such that by doing so your interaction with the world is different to other peoples is cheating.

To start off with I must say that using Counter-Strike as an example wasn`t such a great idea for a couple of reasons. Firstly because these days I think everybody is to wound up about cheating in Counter-Strike. These days if you randomly picked 20 players, sat them down in front of 20 brand new identical PC`s with clean fresh installs of the game on them, all of which are made read only as to prevent tampering, all using the same config, each in its own sealed cubical and asked them to play for 30 minutes, my guess would be that within 15 minutes that at least one of them would start making cheat accusations.

Secondly anybody that knows Counter-Strike knows that the half-life engine upon which it runs is shit. We all know that the developers of Counter-Strike have said on
numerous occasions that it allows people to do things that they wish they could prevent, but haven’t been able too. We also know that the engine is never going to get any better and accept this because Counter-Strike is such a good a game just on paper that we won`t allow the backdated technology upon which it runs to keep us from playing it. No matter how good an engine is for a game it can never make up for gameplay *cough* Quake 3 *cough* 😉

So using this way of looking at cheating, what do I think of Bunny Hopping and Strafe Jumping. Well, I don`t consider them cheating, in fact I consider them a skill and good luck to anyone who can use them to their advantage
Why are they not cheating? It`s because they are allowed within the constraints of the medium, the CS client and server. Until such a time as the medium is changed, or the admins condemn it and police the servers, it is allowable.

I can`t ever agree with this argument I`m afraid as in my eyes it will always be flawed. Now what I`m about to say here I`ve probably already said before and will no doubt end up saying again at some point in time, that’s just the way life is I`m afraid.

How I follow the logic in the column is that it seems to state that `Anything you can do which the engine lets you is fine`. Now for Counter-Strike specifically this is just a no go area. Following this argument would make Hostage Jumping in the game allowable. Now this may seem like an extreme example and some of you might be saying `Bunny Hopping and Hostage Jumping aren`t the same thing` and to those of you I respond How?

Both give you an advantage, for Bunny Hopping its speed, for Hostage Jumping it’s a better position (generally). Both are skills, you can`t just spontaneously do either of these things, to be good takes practise. Both are things that the developers of Counter-Strike didn`t want anybody to do and finally but by no means least both are unrealistic.

Now I can both bunny (badly) and hostage jump, however I refrain from doing it in publics as it gives me an unfair advantage and in leagues I will always conform to the rules given out. My argument to counter doing either though is the core fact that they’re both bullshit. Counter-Strike is built on the premise that it`s supposed to be a Realistic Counter-Terrorism Mod. Now you know its not (and never will be) 100% realistic, I also know its not and those of us that play it accept this fact. However I won`t accept people that try and justify making the game any more unrealistic than it already is as that goes against the games essence.

Anybody wishing to counter this argument feel free to please e-mail me a photograph of either a member of a Counter-Terrorism organisation jumping from left to right whilst on a mission or a Terrorist standing atop a 20ft high stack of hostages.

Let`s move onto scripts. Are they cheating? Was Sujoy`s (I think) exploit of fast weapon switching in Quake cheating when he wrote a set of binds and aliases to make sure you never died with a decent weapon in your hand? Now we`re into the good stuff, this is what you should be debating about. Scripts to help bunnyhoping, cheating? Buy Scripts? Scripts for this, scripts for that, are they ALL cheating? Where do you draw the line?

With regards to scripting I`m divided. In leagues, if it were possible to enforce, I think scripts shouldn`t be used at all so the competition remains as level as possible. However since there is no method to put in place such a system other than asking people to enforce it themselves, which is hardly reliable, I concede that scripts will be used in competitive environments. In publics I`m not so fussed, although when people use announcing buy scripts I want to lop off their sexual organs because I just don`t see the point. (rant) Who cares that you bought a fucking MP5? You`re only going to live for all of 20 seconds before you die and lose it FFS (/rant)

As to where you draw the line its also hard to be specific. My personal guess is that scripts that do something you couldn’t do personally are a definite no no, for example Bunny Hopping scripts. Scripts that do things faster than you could I think are also a no no, for example Grenade spamming scripts. Scripts that do monotonous things that don`t truly affect the game are I believe ok, for example a round start buy script. I say this because I too get tired of having to ask for my AK47 to be delivered into my hands at the start of rounds. Also because I can always buy all the things I need quickly enough at the start of a round I`m not gaining any advantages over another player.

Makes sense?