Something is different about you…

MYstIC G / v2

Well, some things change but other things stay the same.

After a number of years I’ve moved a number of my sites away from Lypha and am now with OVH.  There’s no major reason for this save that with the work stuff we’re uploading bigger and bigger files and as the price is comparable it seemed a sensible move, especially considering that with the OVH option we’ve effectively got root access to a box so things are very much “can break / will break” as well as “are broke / can fix / no wait”.

As you can see I’ve totally changed the theme again.  I much prefer this as I think that people like to read things more when they’re broken up a bit and it doesn’t hurt that the theme isn’t horrifically ugly to boot.  So, much respect to the author who’s link can be found at the bottom of the site.

So what’s staying the same then?  Well, everything else I suppose, the same old rubbish shall be typed, the same 3 (if that many) people shall no doubt read ignore it and I’m sure at some point some stupid script kiddie will fill the uploads directory with shit… (no shocks there).

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish

Well, it seems that it’s the time of year for the businesses annual Quality Assurance external audit.

Past few years we’ve got through them with no problems. When it comes to this years inspection, I’m not so convinced all will be so smooth.

Think it’s something to do with things coming in 3’s, be they bad or good.

After some thinking, it’s my gut feeling that I’m due 1 more from the chain of 3 (first two being: 1] single & 2] insurance).

Something going abysmally wrong at work would pretty much do a tip top job of rounding off the trio.

Let’s hope I’m wrong!

Cold Coffee

I’m sick of having drinks go cold on me at work. Every bloody time I make myself something to drink, I then get to do something for two hours that means I don’t get to take even a sip. Upon returning to a realistic “Mug from Arm Distance” the inevitable always occurs… sip, cringe, spit.



This week I have been mostly having problems with:

  • Women (don’t ask)
  • Getting a sensible mortgage application in place (due to being “partially” self-employed-ish… it just gets complicated)
  • Starting a mobile contract with T-Mobile (which is annoying because I’ve had an orange contract since I was 18 and now I want rid of it I fucking can’t escape!)
  • The hot spell (I’m not good in hot weather, I used to drink like a fish all day long and I still can but now it makes me feel like a bloated camel)
  • Convincing people that BotF is a fucking good game! (yes Chetan, this means you!)

More than anything else though I’ve been finding it really, no actually impossibly hard to do the following:

  • Get some time to myself!

I don’t know why the last one is becoming so bloody difficult.  Actually to be fair I do. I need to tell people to fuck off and leave me alone more.  I think that’ll be my ‘thing’ for the week to try and tell one person (who absolutely deserves it) to fuck off.

By the way, why is it that when somebody says “Excuse me, can I get past” (no please, obviously) and you reply with something like “Just a second, i’m just picking up my bag” that they take that as a signal that its ok to barge you out of their way.  I’m starting to think that with the heat, this will be the week I snap on the way to work and deck the next person who does that to me.

Wise man once say

Chinese food is GOOD!

Leaving keys at home (i.e. leaving house keys in house, which have on them office keys for gaining access to work) is BAD!

Leaving wallet in office after being let into office by someone else on the journey to return home to be let into the house by someone else is FUCKING HORRIBLE AND ANNOYING!!!

This has been an official “Not A Good Day” production.

The Longest Story In The Whole Of The World (T.L.S.I.T.W.O.T.W.)

It’s that time again, the time where that stupid little voice inside me says “You can come up with a really really good website.”

God only knows why it says it because it rarely ever [read: absolutely never] knows what it’s talking about.

Websites have been a passion of mind for quite some time. The way that they can unite people across the entire globe in a single place and connect them in some way, it’s inspiring. My ability to create these places however is not inspiring at all.

However i’m hopeful that will change because i’m changing my approach. This time the site that i’m working on will have a core, a function, a reason to exist, which brings us back to the title.

Check out the latest attempt to fly out of the realm of shit… here @

Stranger things have happened

It’s weird, I can’t for the life of me figure out how I’m acutally:

  1. At work and not pissed off.
  2. Not completely physically and mentally tired.
  3. Reasonably caught up with all of the outstanding work items.
  4. Able to use the internet without complaint from the old man.

It’s a strange, strange day. I wonder what’s to come?

So, how are you?

So, how are you?

I’m having a bad couple of weeks…..

So far, my grandmother is still in hospital with severe breathing problems and other issues, my father and brother appear to have sparked an all out war between themselves, my girlfriend got onto her teaching course and because I was completely drained when she told me sparked a massive row between us (her solution being “if I’m such a problem I’ll take myself out of the equation”).

So, potentially if things continue I will be:

  • Back to just me & my dad at work.
  • Without a girlfriend.
  • Booking a funeral date in my diary.

Just to add on top of everything, I really want to buy myself that bloody router now, but can ill afford to part with the cash. Maybe I need to start flogging some shit on eBay?

Rubbish rubbish rubbish two weeks….. rubbish.

But it's only £200 quid

Been having myself a look at the Freecom FSG for the past couple of days.  Trying to convince myself that around £200 quid for a networked storage system that’s linux based and could potentially run bittorrent without the need for a PC to be on is worth the cash.

Ok I’m not really. I’m actually trying to stop myself from spending the £200 quid because I’m really liking the sound of this thing.

Anyone got any good suggestions how I might avoid deflating my wallet?